Monrio Top Loader Type 2 (price further reduced)

Solid and elegant, the Top Loader Type 2 CD Player combines aesthetics design with the latest and most advanced in digital technology. Combined with the best digital and a fully differential circuit topology with dual-triode vacuum gain and solid state regulation - located directly on the audio circuit board -, the Top Loader Type 2 is a remarkable performer.

Power Supply stage, DAC stage and Output stage are isolated electronically and mechanically from the mechanism via a separate chassis. An aluminium stabilizer centers the disc and provides good vibration absorption and achieves strong clamping force without affecting laser performance.

The TOP LOADER Type 2 CD Player is housed in a custom built extruded aluminium case and includes a strong base assembly that ensure the maximum stability to the mechanical part. The massive aluminium case permit a lowest resonance across the full system The chassis rests on four stainless steel spikes fitted with aluminium pads designed to decouple the unit from the rest of the system. Digital-to-Analogue stage consists of two Sigma/Delta, 24 bit/192kHz converter. Chosen after careful comparison between the best DAC on the market and after extensive listening tests.

Power supply is made up from 10 separate power supply’s feeding the mechanism, micro controller, display, clock circuit, DAC digital and analogue section and output stage. It consist of two parts design - one dedicated to the reading mechanism, servo digital and user control and the other for DAC and output stage amplifiers - with individual power transformers and complete independent lines power. Analogue output stage uses two 12AU7 triodes, the audio stage features high-voltage regulation using high-voltage transistors coupled to a massive power supply.

Still in pristine condition. Comes with full metal remote control.

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Original Retail Price: $5,499

Sale Price: $1,995

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Cecil Tan (9617 6046)

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