Wharfedale Jade 5 (price reduced)

Jade 5 effortlessly reproduces finite nuances, microharmonics, transients, and intricacies. Yet it also plumbs the lower frequencies with authority, focus, and grace. Its clarity immerses you within the confines of the recording. Whether playing back vocal jazz, electronic music, large-scale symphonies, or classic rock, you get realism, immediacy, tonality, deep-down speed, cohesiveness, and naturalism as well as taut bass, riveting detail, and immense involvement. And you get it for a price that's exponentially less than what is normally charged for a speaker of such magnitude.

In excellent condition. Comes with spikes and spike bases.

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Original Retail Price: $3,500

Sale Price: $1,995

For sale enquiry, please contact:

Cecil Tan (9617 6046)

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