Aesthetix Romulus Signature DAC/CD player (SOLD)

The Romulus builds upon the Pandora's unique feature set and performance by adding a dedicated Red Book CD transport. A special audio-purpose Teac mechanism is used, but instead of running from SPDIF or other jitter-prone serial connections, data is retrieved from the IDE bus. This allows the DAC's master clock to be in complete control of the timing of the audio data and yields the minimum possible level of jitter. Completely enclosed in its own faraday cage, the transport is electrically, mechanically and magnetically isolated from the rest of the DAC. Two separate transformers and three linear regulation stages are added to further isolate the transport mechanism from the rest of the digital-to-analog converter.

In mint condition, with remote control. The Absolute Sound Product of the Year (January 2015) and The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award (September 2014) award winner. Class A, Stereophile Recommended Components. Please note that this is the more expensive Signature version with better quality capacitors and ability to decode DSD.

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